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Tim, Anastasia and little Bruno – that’s us! Together we run Camplust with a lot of love and passion. So here is a little overview about us….

Since summer 2020 we are new parents of a magical, sweet boy. After giving birth, we didn’t last long and went straight on a parenting trip in October with the camper (within Corona regulations, of course…). We were on the road for two months and used the chance to get perfectly accustomed to “being parents”.  get used to.

Camplust was born from our passion for traveling by motorhome, which we now incredibly happy to pass on to you, which is why we offer our extensively tested campers for rent.

Already as children we were always on the road with our parents in the camper. The photo shows Tim when he was just three months old in Denmark – so not only did he grow up as a camper, but he’s spent nearly every vacation in a motorhome since.

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Where we come from – About us

As you can probably already tell, travel is very close to our hearts. That’s why we started operating as a tour operator for group travel within Europe while we were still in college. In this way, we were able to live out our passion for city and nature travel and pass it on to others.

While our company “Wanderlust Trips” grew very quickly, we were able to meet insanely great people. Thus, the small student enterprise quickly became a travel company operating throughout Europe with several thousand customers per year. Inevitably, therefore, we grappled with the precise organization and coordination of large groups and planned for increasingly outlandish destinations.

This was going fabulously until 2020 when the first signs of the COVID-19 pandemic began to show up and completely shut down group travel.

Why camping?

For us, camping is simply the best form of travel, not only to be on the road without contact in these times, but also to be able to switch off and explore a country according to your own needs.

We have already toured all over Europe, explored Japan, New Zealand and some other countries by camper. We are convinced campers and probably always will be 🙂.

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Our passion

But where one door closes, the next one always opens: When we started renting out our VW Bulli (T6 California) in the summer of 2020, we encountered an incredible amount of interest. So we didn’t hesitate for long and used our corona-induced “forced break” to share our passion – camping – with our friends.  into a profession.

So after Wanderlust, Camplust was created without further ado as a new camper rental company.

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Who all contributes to your Camplust adventure….

“Our goal is to provide camping in nature.
To this end, we are currently creating a comprehensive range of near-natural pitches in cooperation with landowners across Germany, with which we want to give you the opportunity to discover and enjoy nature outside the old familiar options.”

Alexander Herbst


“AlpacaCamping, a young company that operates an online booking platform for camper pitches in the countryside.
We want to offer campers a more beautiful and natural form of camping and create additional site capacity.”

Julia Claus