22.04.2021 – by Tobias & Vanessa with Shindy :

Our short trip to the Harz mountains with the T6.1 California from CAMPLUST

On Monday 11.09.23 we started our little adventure. After a friendly and smooth handover, where we were shown the vehicle and all our questions were answered, we quickly went home to pack the most important clothes.As the saying goes: “The journey is the destination”.

Fortunately, after the first sniffing of the new home, our dog also quickly felt at home.
Driving the California was more than comfortable thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment. Even if you’re not used to moving through traffic in “larger” vehicles, it doesn’t take five minutes to get used to the vehicle.
Our first stop took us to Rübeland. There was a lot to discover in the cave town of Rübeland, which is a small idyllic village in the town of Oberharz. We hiked up a small hill to a ruined castle, which turned out to be a perfect walking route for our dog. In addition, we explored the surroundings and looked for a suitable place to sleep for the first night. We found what we were looking for in the Neuwerk district. On a remote parking lot next to an abandoned house we set up our night camp.

Thanks to the T6.1 California you really have everything you need for comfortable camping. The California is a true space miracle. The night in the bed of the pop-up roof was just as pleasant as the breakfast which we had in the best weather under the awning on the space-saving chairs and the table that was also on board. Strengthened, we reassembled everything within only ten minutes into the departure-ready condition and could continue our journey.

Arriving at the Rappbodentalsperre, which is only a few minutes’ drive from Neuwerk, the comfortable electrohydraulic pop-up roof once again made itself felt. We made a spontaneous rest to take advantage of the view directly on the water of the dam. Stop, extend the roof and enjoy a direct view of the water from the bed through the pop-up roof that opens forward. More is not possible.

We ventured onto the “Titan RT”, a 458.6 meter suspension bridge.

Impressed by the dam, we continued on to the Harz National Park.

Here too there are countless Resting possibilities in order to get back on the road with the dog to go a nice round or just enjoy the peace and quiet. Finally, we ended up at the Oderteich. A beautiful place to switch off. After a round of bathing for the dog it went for us explore some of the beautiful hiking trails. Afterwards, we were able to use the handy outdoor shower, which you can have ready to use in a minute, to rid the dog of his muddy paws.

The water tank of 30 liters has been more than sufficient for the first two days. We also had a collapsible jerry can with us, which is also part of the Camplust equipment. Thus, we had an additional 12 liters of water on board, which can be poured into the tank via a filling hose if necessary. We used the extensive camping tableware from Camplust for a delicious dinner that evening. With the T6, you really are incredibly flexible and completely independent. Unlike a motorhome, you also don’t need a footprint or a dedicated parking space.

In the evening we went to the Okertalsperre. We also set up here directly on the water. The digital display from the California signaled that we were a bit skewed. Here we were supported by the drive-up wedges from Camplust. And so we spent a night directly at the water of the Okertalsperre.

The bed in the pop-up roof is really comfortable and is great for sleeping two people comfortably. Even the dog has enough Space to sleep down in the footwell in the basket or alternatively on the lower bed.

Freshly strengthened, we continued to explore the beautiful national park in the morning. Afterwards we went to Thale. Also a small idyllic place where there is much to discover. The famous Hexentanzplatz Thale offers numerous attractions such as an animal park or a ride on the cable car.

Once again we use the free app “Park4Night” to find a nice free place to sleep. We found what we were looking for at the Rosstrappe. Also the last night we spent in the pop-up roof. Thanks to the insect nets in the pop-up roof, you can not only enjoy a view of the stars without worrying, but also have an optimal sleeping climate in the California at all times. After a short breakfast we went back to Rübeland to visit the Hermann’s Cave at the end.

Small tip on the side – even for the five-minute walk with the dog, which we did before the tour, the parking ticket is worth it ;).

The visit to Hermann’s Cave is highly recommended. In addition to the sparkling crystal chamber, the stalactite cave offers a lake Olmsee, which is home to Germany’s only grotto olm.

After many impressions and a few beautiful days, we set off in the morning back to Hamburg. We traveled a little over 900 kilometers, and thanks to the economical California had an average consumption of 7.5 liters of diesel, so we came to a total of just over 100€ in fuel costs.

The handover of the California went smoothly. The paperwork was handled via the tablet/smartphone, just like the pickup.

In any case, the rental of the California exceeded our expectations. Everything was as promised. Definitely not our last camping trip with Camplust.

Kind regards,

Tobias & Vanessa with Shindy 🙂