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Glossary motorhome rental

Everything that is important for the camping vacation



A vacation car, which is suitable not only for driving, but also for sleeping and cooking. In short, a home on wheels.


A new German term camper describes in itself a motor home. However, camper is usually understood to mean a converted van, rather than a fully integrated motorhome.


A van is a box truck. Most often, “van” is used in the context of camping vacations as “campervan”.


The term Bulli dates back to the early days of the VW T model. One of 9 name suggestions was “Bulli”. Probably a combination of bus and delivery van, since the T1 was already versatile at that time.

Volkswagen California

The California is now successfully driving around the world on the basis of the VW T6.1. It has a pop-up roof and is very popular among campers thanks to its great flexibility. You can also use it extremely well in everyday life.

Sleeping places

Each motorhome offers at least one place to sleep. By default, most motorhomes have either two, four or sometimes even five berths.


Normally, each motorhome also offers a camping kitchen. At Camplust you will always find a fully functional kitchen!

Pop-up roof

A pop-up roof can be folded up electrically or manually to create additional sleeping space in the motorhome and provide standing room. Most pop-up roofs are found in smaller vans such as the VW California or Ford Nugget, but recently also in larger vans.

High roof

A high roof, unlike the pop-up roof, is a fixed roof that already mostly provides sleeping space without having to open the roof.


An alcove is the typical nose in front above the windshield that everyone knows. The alcove offers more space for the upper bed.


For motorhomes, there are box wagons, partially integrated and fully integrated. Box vans motorhomes are vans with interior removed, integrated have full or partial new exterior skin for more interior space. Therefore, however, they are also not quite as flexible to use.

Camping shower

Many motorhomes have a shower integrated into the bathroom. The Grand California, for example, is no exception. The classic California offers an outdoor shower.

Camping toilet

A camping toilet offers the maximum independence. Integrated into the bathroom in the Grand California. in the California optionally available as Porter Potti.


The awning is mounted above the access door and can be cranked out quickly and easily. It gives you a comfortable camping feeling and shade in the summer.


A campsite is like a hotel for mobile homes. In itself, a mostly nicely landscaped parking lot with often individual lots and restrooms. Often there are also outdoor pools, playgrounds, etc.


A pitch is a parking lot especially for motorhomes, where you are also allowed to stay overnight for a usually small fee. Often this fee already includes the tourist tax. The use of sanitary facilities and supply/disposal usually cost extra.

Parking lot

In a parking lot, just as with a car, you can also simply park as long as you do not interfere with other vehicles. Officially, you are usually not allowed to stay overnight in normal parking lots.

Free standing

Free standing or even wild camping is prohibited in most countries in Europe. In some Scandinavian countries, the “Everyman’s Right” applies, which makes it easier for you as a camper. 
In Germany, however, you are allowed to sleep in your car to “restore your driving ability.” In general, however, you should never engage in camping behavior when you are free standing (i.e., don’t extend the awning and don’t use the camping chairs).

Campsites Europe

There are numerous campsites throughout Europe. From very simple with a plain green meadow to high-end campsites with wellness and spa, everything can be found.

Camping equipment

Standard equipment for a campsite includes sanitary facilities, fresh water supply, gray water disposal and black water disposal. Often playgrounds, swimming pools, and the like can be found at campgrounds.

Cost camping

The cost of campsites varies greatly. From places relying on donations to luxury places you can find everything in Europe. However, a good average is a range of 25€-45€. Depending on season and number of travelers.

Wild camping

Wild camping or standing in the open is usually not tolerated in Europe and often attracts fines. However, there is a lively community of wild campers.

Professional landlords

Professional rental companies as well as Camplust usually purchase brand new motorhomes and always keep a modern fleet by seasonal purchase and sale of vans. Therefore, the offered motorhomes are usually extremely well maintained,

Private landlords

Private renters usually have their personal motorhome equipped with numerous extras and little helpers. Here, the tenants should be aware that they usually rent a very dear object and should be extremely careful when using it.

Motorhome rental platforms

There are numerous rental platforms for motorhomes such as Paulcamper, Erento, etc. on which private and commercial landlords offer their motorhomes.